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Pakistan has a multi-million dollar real estate industry, which can be gauged from the sheer value of its domestic real estate assets which are worth a staggering US$700 billion.

This sector has recently attracted an increasing number of foreign investors, as seen by the recent boost in the number of overseas property-seekers accessing our local property websites.

Pakistan has one of the most liberal foreign investment regimes in South Asia. Investors can have 100 percent foreign equity in the infrastructure sector, along with other incentives such as repatriation of capital, capital gains, dividends and profits.

The three-day Association of Builders and Developers (ABAD) Expo held in 2014, sparked international interest in the property and construction sectors. About 30 foreign companies from the construction and allied industries participated in the event. Moreover, foreign companies present at the expo signed US$200 million worth of trade and investment agreements, which is further expected to lead to $800 million investment in the coming months.

Pakistan's real estate sector is the backbone of the urban economy, being the second largest employer after the agricultural sector and contributing about two percent to the overall GDP.

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